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How To Locate a Family Mediator

Our DIRECTORY lists family mediators who are members of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION FOR FAMILY MEDIATION. This listing is a service to prospective clients, but does not mean we are endorsing or guaranteeing the competence, training or experience of any mediator, nor can we make any specific recommendations about anyone on the list. We urge you to be good consumers of mediation services and to obtain more information directly from individual mediators regarding their qualifications, experience, rates, and type of service. If you wish, you may request references from lawyers, counselors, or other referral sources. Most mediators restrict their mediation practice to specific areas according to their training and expertise. Our policy statement regarding qualifications is set out elsewhere on this website.

The Ontario Association for Family Mediation provides accreditation for mediators throughout Ontario. In order to qualify as an Accredited Family Mediator or use the designation Acc.FM (OAFM), a mediator must provide proof of and satisfy the Association that he or she possesses the required level of professional education, knowledge of mediation theory and skills, experience and consultation or supervision in the actual practice of mediation, and standards of practice and ethics. Mediators listed in our Directory who show their designation Acc.F.M.(OAFM) have fulfilled these requirements; other mediators may be working towards this accreditation, but have not yet completed all stages in that process.

All FEES quoted are hourly rates, and GST will be added. All phone and fax numbers are area code 613 unless otherwise shown.

COMPLAINTS about the services provided to you by any mediator on this Directory list may be directed to OAFM at 1-800-989-3025.

FOR DETAILS OF THE ACCREDITED FAMILY MEDIATOR REQUIREMENTS please go to the website of the Provincial OAFM at www.oafm.on.ca.

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